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Minnesota Recreational Trail Users Association

Working together to preserve and further recreational trail opportunities in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Recreational Trail Users Association (MRTUA), consists of representatives from snowmobiler, hiker, 4-wheel drive enthusiast, horse enthusiast, cross-country skier, all-terrain vehicle rider, off-road motorcyclist and bicyclist user groups. MRTUA lists among its purposes the identification and assessment of needs of trail users and common grounds among the different groups using trails in Minnesota, to work toward common goals among the user groups and to increase awareness of the various recreational trail opportunities and needs in the State of Minnesota.

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MRTUA News and Headlines

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MRTUA Board Members Visit some RTP Projects

October 29, 2022

New OHM Trail Built with RTP Funding

June, 2022

Minnesota Recreational Trail Users Association: Trails with Proven Impact

February, 2022

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